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Megan E. Davis

About this Christian Poet:
I grew up on sixty acres of woodland in southern Maine with my five siblings, all of whom also have creative writing tendencies. I was home schooled all the way through high school by my mom, also a writer, and my dad, an editor. Some of my other interests include reading, travel, and letter writing. I am currently finishing a BA in Creative Writing, and I thank God and give Him the glory for the talent He has given me. I also thank my parents for encouraging that talent, and my college writing teachers for helping me shape and refine it.

During three weeks on a mission trip to Odessa, Ukraine, my team worked with a church doing special music and a children's day camp. At the camp, each group was led by an American, a Ukrainian from the church, and an interpreter. My interpreter was Anya, and she was not saved. She was a nice young lady in a lot of ways, but I was selfish and didn't talk to her as much as I had oportunity to. I wish I had opened my heart and shared my salvation testimony. I had a wonderful oportunity that I wasted. God has used this in my life to help me realize how important it is to share the gospel, and that I may never have a second chance to speak to someone.

Ukrainian Driving

Misha is driving by towers of gray brick
where poor people live.
They call them "houses,"
but they are apartment buildings.
We are flying down the road—
speeding in my country.
The windows are down and my hair
whips at my face.
I see Anya's house from the window,
dirty gray with hints of green,
And I think I could have been
more kind to Anya while I was here.
Now I am glad that Misha is driving so fast.

Copyright©2003 by Megan E. Davis