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Alexine Crawford

About this Christian Poet:
The initial motivation for this poem was disillusion with the conventional sweet nativity play, and wanting to show the reality and earthiness of the nativity, sacrifice, crucifixion. I have seen where goats are tethered to be sacrificed in a Hindu country. Hard though it is, we need to realise the cost. This poem was read once on "Premier Radio" in London.

I am a member of the Association of Christian Writers. In 2001 the Bible Reading Fellowship published my book, Never Too Old to Grow, which comprises Bible-related reflections for careers.

A Messy Business

A messy business, birth.
Sweat. Crying. Clench in the swollen girth.
Burst stretching head
A slither of albumen slime
Soaking the bed
And blood, as God enters time.

A messy business, sacrifice
Not nice.
A smell of loss, of fear
Charred bones, roast meat, singed hair.
Goat beside tethered goat
A hacking knife
Cut throat
Blood spurting, pouring, dripping into a bowl
The beast burnt whole
Surrendered life,
Ashes to cleanse a soul.

A messy business, death.
Dying, and dread of pain.
And pain, a back whip-savaged
And pain, flesh torn, hammered again and again
Nerves ravaged.
Words rasped on suffocated breath
From lungs self-drowning,
Face blooded by thorn crowning,
Blood dripping hands and feet, blood crust,
Water-blood ooze, coagulating in dust.
And load of all our sins.

New life begins.

Copyright©2003 by Alexine Crawford