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Darlene Moore Berg

About this Christian Poet:
I am first a Christian, second a wife and mother, third a physician by vocation and a poet then by avocation. I currently live in Missouri where I practice pediatrics and am a member of the "sandwich generation". I have had a love for the written word from the moment I learned how to read . As part of my education in the middle grades, I was required to memorize one poem a month. Writing poetry for me basically started in high school and has been off and on ever since. Submitting work and having work published has been mainly the last seven years. I have been privileged to have poems in the Christian poetry journals of Time of Singing and A New Song and also The Penwood Review and online in Dayspring.


A subtle thing
one simple moment to the next
a rhythm, a pulsatile beat
and the heart of God
takes on a mortal cadence.

In a dark, muffled womb
four chambers form- room
to comprehend the flow
of human blood...

A coil of ear widens open
to the Voice of Heaven-
whispers of Divinity
knit into the ossicles

A mouth slit thickens
lips smile, a tongue
thrusts against a palate, teeth
proclaim Truth
the Kingdom come

Buds of limbs grow
flower into legs, feet, toes
skip across Galilean waters
pace the length of Israel's
rocky soil

arms extend, hands flex,
fingers grasp a hammer, a nail
unroll a Scroll
palms open skyward
in piercing wail...

And eyes unblinking blue
will one day open darkened,
fill with stain of tears
endure in pain man's stubborn pride
and fears

embryonic genesis
a life takes flesh,
manifests ultimate Love
stretches forth
across a Universe
to be born within a human heart...

                   Copyright©2003 by Darlene Moore Berg