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Mary Lou Cornish

About this Christian Poet:
I am a journalist and a teacher of writing. A life-long lover of poetry, I have been writing verse since my teens. But I am a closet poet, sharing little of my work, mostly out of fear that no one will like it!

A Psalm

The body cannot remember when pain was not,
Cannot recall when it did not burn, stab, needle
       Or thwart the desires of the heart,
The desires of the heart now shackled,
Now compressed into might-have-beens and never-will-bes.

Pain threatens to imprison hope,
But promises to unleash despair.

Like an army laying siege and taking captive,
Pain invades and establishes itself as viceroy.

Can the body withstand the onslaught
of a thousand arrows of pain?
Can two bodies stand against the thrusts
of two thousand swords of suffering?
They can if they willingly nail themselves to a cross on a hill
And allow themselves to bleed unashamedly into eternity.
Then shall praises usurp the moans of anguish and agony.
Then shall the heart's desires be freed.

Copyright©2003 by Mary Lou Cornish