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Sharon Dunn

About this Christian Poet:
I have written and published plays, skits, nonfiction and short stories for both secular and Christian publications. My poem, "Shopping," appeared in the March issue of The Writer. Recently, I have contracted my first novel, a comedy mystery titled "Romance Rustlers and Thunderbird Thieves," with Kregel Publications. I am a mother of three, a wife of fifteen years and the owner of two cats. I do not consider myself a poet though I read a great deal of it for inspiration about word choice and precision of imagery, something fiction writers need to focus on.

New Creature

She shrinks back
Speaks of herself in third person
Wound still tender
Bleeding gash
I am me but I am not me
I am close to the I Am that made me
Full of good intentions and gifts
Close enough to feel His breath on my ear
Folding into His heartbeat
Losing track of my own
Such triumphant loss
I am becoming the me He saw in the womb
Before the wounding
I am becoming

Copyright©2002 by Sharon Dunn