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Ev Heffernan

About this Christian Poet:
Ev Heffernan lives in Alberta, Canada. She started winning awards for her poetry in grade school, but quit writing as a young adult. Later, after her two children were born, she was encouraged to start writing poetry again as a way of processing life. She went back to university to further study literature and poetry and hone her craft. Ev has since been widely published in Canada and the United States. She has won contests, gained recognition and been a featured speaker at a poetry gathering. She has also been hired to judge poetry contests.

Bearing My Cross

I huddle within this threadbare faith
warm empty hands on a stone-cold heaven
shrink from the possibility
of You being real
and I such a pitiful witness

I long for the warmer, softer garment
of one newly born to faith
enraptured by the celebration
and ceremony of Your church
feasting on the reality
of Your Presence

my life's losses leave me
foraging for crumbs of You
among the starving,
mangled borders
of my dreams

I strain to pray
my tongue grows numb
with grief
I seek to embrace You
my fists are frozen
in anger

I turn away
cast the smoldering
cinders of supplication
towards heaven
oh, this beggared flame
yearns to be rekindled

Copyright©2001 by Ev Heffernan