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Gary Screaton Page

About this Poet:
Gary Screaton Page is the author of Pressing Your Own Buttons and Being the Parent YOU Want to Be. His interviews have aired worldwide. Over a 43 year career, Gary taught all grades from primary through college and university. He is currently pastor of First Baptist Church in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. Gary's web site.

About this Poem: This poem may be reproduced and distributed only if done so without charge, and only if it remains unedited, and this notice, copyright information, and any links are included.

What's a Father?

What's a father?
To a small boy,
He's everything!
He can outrun,
And outsmart,
Any man in the world.
He's the best dad on the block!

To a young school boy,
He's all that
And more.
He's someone to talk to,
A best friend,
A tall,
With a hearty laugh),
Who puts his arm around your shoulder
At the all-star football game.

To the turbulent adolescent,
He'‚s the "Old Man,"
The understanding counsellor,
The… (expletive deleted)
Who makes you meet your responsibilities,
Whether you like it or not,
—and thank God for that!
He's the one man who cares enough to try and understand
Your ever-changing moods.
Heaven knows
that's not an easy task!

To the youth of seventeen,
He seems to know so little
And appears so seldom right.
And, yet,
When that same lad becomes a man
And starts out on his own
They're both amazed
—How much the other one has grown!

As the years go by
And that once small boy
Becomes a father, too,
It's then, that boy
Who's now the Dad
Can fully understand.
As his own small boy sets out to be a man,
He sees how right he was
Some thirty years ago.
His is the best dad on the block!

A smile, A hug, My Dad

Copyright ©2000 by Gary Screaton Page