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Kimberly N. Crawford

About this Poet:
Kimberly Crawford is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

About this Poem: I wrote this poem years ago and was able to share it with my father before he passed in August of 2005. My father, the late Pastor Carl S. Crawford, was only a man who loved the Lord. He stood tall like the trees he planted, his feet firmly grounded in the word of god. I am his baby girl, and though he is gone from this earth, the memory of his wisdom and love remain in my heart. He taught me to lean on God when there is no one else. I want to share this poem with you in hopes that we might remember to love, and refuse to let the sun go down without having expressed it. He was my dad, but he was so much more than that. He was my father, my friend, my guidance counselor, my conscience, my spiritual guide, and at times my strength. I thank God for blessing me with such a gift and also for taking it away. For in removing the crutch, I am called to lean more on him, trust more in him, and eventually stand in him. 

More Than That

My inspiration never failed me
Proud to be his child
He’s held my hand and led the way
He’s walked that extra mile

I’ve seen him sweat, I’ve seen him cry
I’ve watched the mountains catch his eye
He placed my life within God’s hands
A man who for my life would die

He taught me that in this life,
There’s no good or bad luck
There’s God’s Plan—the purpose
of falling down Is getting up

He trained my eyes to look deeper
My heart to know my soul’s keeper
Loving me through my imperfections
Guiding me through life’s lessons

So much my hero through the years to help me realize
That life goes on
No matter what the test
I will survive

No matter what the challenge
I can meet it, if I try
That I never stand alone
As God is by my side

My inspiration gave me hope, love and peace that day
He bowed his head, closed his eyes, and held my hands to pray
In that moment I was blessed to realize what I had
A best friend, among other things

A smile, A hug, My Dad

Copyright ©2009 by Kimberly N. Crawford