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Wanda Hilyer

I am a Christian Chaplain from Northwestern Pennsylvania. I am mostly a grief-bereavment minister, and chaplain at our local nursing home. I also work with elementary children each Wednesday at a Bible club. I met Jesus when I was 9 years old, and He has seen me thru many years of life, many sorrows and losses, many disappointments...and many exhilarating worship experiences of deep joy. It is a great blessing, and a most wonderful adventure to serve the Living God. I am deeply humbled that He cared enough to send Jesus--and that God loved me enough to forgive my sins and accept me as one of His children. I have always been a writer, and have returned what talents He gave back to His service. May He be praised!

How I Wish

I haven’t heard my father pray
Since I was but a child.
When he left our home forever,
It nearly drove me wild.
But I knew I’d met Another
Who’d love me to the end,
So—I chose my Heav’nly Father
To be my dearest Friend.

Now, my Pap is old and feeble.
His mind is going bad.
I ached to present The Father
Unto my earthly dad!
Then, I had the chance last winter
When spring was barely new,
But I’m not sure he really prayed
The ‘sinner’s prayer’ clear through …

He said he would pray ‘silently’
—And I do hope he tried!
For my heart would ache forever
If he hadn’t … and he died.
Yet, Jesus said, “Whoever comes
Will not be cast away.”
But—how I wish again that I
Might hear my father pray!

Copyright ©2008 by Wanda Hilyer