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Caroline Mac

About this Christian Poet:
Caroline has been married eleven years, works as an Administrator in an Aviation company and paints in spare time.

Thorny Crown

Thorny crown
Bloody temple
Weighty punch
Bloated vision
Spiky whips
Scarred visage
Bruised and wounded
Heart pulsating
Stony bed
Cross a-lugging
Stabbing nails
gagging pain
Scorching sun
patched throat
taunts and jeers
Loving still
Thief on the cross
A lifted voice
Robe divided
Sin of the world
Hellish doom
A loud cry
yielding up the ghost
earth shudder
Ghosts recovered
Rumble and flashes
Pouring rain
Temple shroud
Ripped foundation
Man delivered
It is finished.

Copyright©2007 by Caroline Mac