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Emma Akuffo


Matthew 28:6, Mark 16:6, Luke 24:6

An ethereal emptiness engulfs the cradles of the earth
Uneasy truce, like a fervent precipice hangs in place of
A jewelled star, sojourned from heavenly realms
Too precious for this world to hold
So you die prematurely
Leaving our spirits widowed and withered
How unjust your fate, sealed with a blood kiss
An evil contravention to your innocent soul

Like scented oil, your memory burns in the rooms of my mind
Billows backwards and forwards through empty spaces
Drawing recollections of the way you were with me; with all of us
I orbit the realms of my duties, holding one thing or another momentarily
To be put down absent-mindedly and without purposefulness

What meaning is there, if life itself is effervesced and displaced
A dreadful barrenness, cold and aloof stares me in the face
When I turn my eyes towards sleep, it continues to taunt
I take shallow breaths and count the moments of moonlight
Lamenting inconsolably, a sombre reflection in the night
Waiting only for daylight to quicken my feet to your place of rest
A refuge; though I expect no solace

Such jubilant relief greets me!
A seraphic apparition devoid of frail humanity
Heralds the good news of this morning and of all mornings
Announcing your immortality
With words etched forever in mortal memory
"He is not here—He has risen!"

Copyright©2007 by Emma Akuffo