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Reason A. Poteet

Christian Riposte on Signs/Symbols

Old custom, the sign of the cross, drawn with thumb high in the air
or made on a wall, and fixed by a kiss,
shared ritual done with the hand from forehead, to heart, to shoulder.

Surely, we’ve all seen the movies, exorcists making this same sign.
Using knives, sticks, even the arms
turning away demon spirits. Did they invoke Power divine?

Men battle over cross jew’lry; a crucifix is too much gloss.
“Idols,” they cry with a vengeance.
We all have differing methods to express our thoughts of the cross.

The cross is an ark of safety to escape the wrath of our God.
Noah survived degradation
when he entreated repentance from a selfish, arrogant mob.

As Moses raised up the serpent, Jesus too must be lifted high.
Any cross that is displayed can
convey Christ’s humble obedience. Tell your friends why He chose to die.

The cross—the key to eternal hope. Hear Jesus plea, “Father forgive!”
The means by which our Advocate
mystifies the ancient foe and redeems all those asking to live.

Copyright©2006 by Reason A. Poteet