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Wanda C. Hilyer

I am a Christian Chaplain from Northwestern Pennsylvania. I am mostly a grief-bereavment minister, and chaplain at our local nursing home. I also work with elementary children each Wednesday at a Bible club. I met Jesus when I was 9 years old, and He has seen me thru many years of life, many sorrows and losses, many disappointments...and many exhilarating worship experiences of deep joy. It is a great blessing, and a most wonderful adventure to serve the Living God. I am deeply humbled that He cared enough to send Jesus—and that God loved me enough to forgive my sins and accept me as one of His children. I have always been a writer, and have returned what talents He gave back to His service. May He be praised!

Perfectly Sinless

Perfectly Sinless--He died as a sinner,
     Took all my sin and my shame.
Perfectly Guiltless--He died as a Savior.
     Oh, praise His wonderful name!
Perfectly Holy--He died as ungodly,
     Bearing the marks of my sin.
He died the death that I should have died
     So that I might be born again!

Perfectly Loving--He died as unloved,
     Wearing my thorns on His head.
Perfectly Selfless--He died for the selfish.
     "Father, forgive them!" He said.
Friend-of-the-Friendless, He died as an outcast,
     Hung on my cross in the sky.
Giver of Life--He laid His life down--
     So my soul would not have to die.

Perfectly Truthful--He died as a liar,
     Mocked by cruel men of the town.
Owner of Glory--He died as a pauper,
     Without His scepter or crown;
Died as a Shepherd for the sake of His sheep,
     But--praise the Lord for that loss,
Because--for my soul, so lost in sin,
     He conquered the Grave and the Cross!

Perfectly Sinless--He reigns as my Savior,
     Calling the lost to His side.
Perfectly Risen--He lives on forever
     Jesus--The Lord Crucified!
Since I now understand what He did for me,
     At His nail-scarred feet I bow.
Perfectly needy...I come in faith
     To take of His grace freely now!

Copyright©1982 by Wanda C. Hilyer