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Diane Jackman

Diane is the writer of several children's books, 100+ children's stories, poetry, libretto for the King's Singers and London Symphony Orchestra and religious meditation spots on local radio.

This poem has been set to music for a Norfolk choir (SATB) by Andrew Jackman, composer, conductor and arranger who died in 2003. Andrew's professional life included arranging for Barbra Streisand, Nanci Griffith, Michael Crawford, Julio Iglesias, Peter Hofmann et al. He played the hand-pumped organ in our village church every week, and played guitar for WASPS, the Sunday School in another village. Please contact Diane if you are interested in the music.

Resurrection Day

Who is that man who stands there in the garden,
Who hung on the cross with the weight of our sin?
It is Jesus our Saviour, God's chosen anointed.
He opens the door that we all may go in.

Jesus, our longed-for deliverer is risen.
Now Hell has no power in the face of his might.
But for sinners his love is eternal, unchanging.
He died for creation to live in God's light.

How shall we answer in ages that follow?
Shall we treat his gift with indifference and scorn,
Or lift up glad voices with songs of thanksgiving?
The dark night is over. Praise Jesus, our dawn.

Copyright©2007 by Diane Jackman