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Darlene Estlow

About this Christian Poet:
Here in Washington State, I live in the shadow of Mt. St. Helen. I am now an office manager after being home to homeschooling our daughters and my husband is retired. Now they are married and have given us five little grandsons. I love writing poetry. My hope is to express our wonderful God to people. I have enjoyed putting poetry on my web site.    

Good Friday

It was a dark day.
The enemy triumphed
and death reigned.
He rejoiced.
He had struck the earth
with his weapon of tragedy
and won.

It was a dark day.
But He didn’t win.
The day of suffering brought healing.
The day of defeat brought victory.
The day of loss brought comfort.
The day of despair brought hope.
The day of tears brought joy.
And the day of death brought life.

It was a dark day.
But the clouds parted,
the sun shone
and victory belonged to us.

Copyright©2007 by Darlene Estlow