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Duane W. Udd

About this Christian Poet:
Duane W. Udd has been writing "Message Poetry" off and on for four decades. His writings include articles for magazines and newspapers in which he has also had his poems published. He has also worked for a Public Relations Company and Advertising Agency as a Creativity Consultant. His first book, A Tale of Woe or Zimbabwe O Zimbabse (ISBN 0–1 3706–147–23), was published in Zimbabwe in 2001.

From 1982 to 2002, Duane and his wife, Carol, were based in Mutare, Zimbabwe. They have shared in a pastoral, Christian educational and counseling ministry as well as overseeing a wide-ranging ministry of evangelism and relief and were instrumental in the creation of the first Family Aids Counseling Trust in the nation of Zimbabwe. In times past, he has been Chairman of the Mutare Ministers' Fraternal and Mutare for Jesus, has served on the National Executive of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe and led the group, Intercessors for Zimbabwe. They have four children, two granddaughters and one grandson who are all, at present, in the United States working or studying. Currently (until there is a regime change in Zimbabwe), they are ministering Stateside in a variety of ways. Duane still reaches into Zimbabwe through London on www.swradioafrica.com on Tuesdays with his program, "Different Points Of View", in which he regularly shares poetry and observations on Zimbabwe.

The Keeper of the Keys

The gates of Hell shall not prevail
     Though fortified and sealed
Against the Keeper of the Keys
     Whose power has been revealed

For He descended into Hell
     Then with a mighty shout
That shook the bastions of the damned
      He led the captives out

But as He rose His way was barred
     By suffocating stone
That seemed to hinder His ascent
     And rob Him of His throne

As though the force of evil men
     With all of Hell combined
Had really thought that they could keep
     The Son of God confined

It was not only Earth that shook
     On that first Easter Day
When by the awesome power of God
     The stone was rolled away

For Hell's foundations shuddered too
     With little time to wait
Until that ever rolling stone
     Came crashing through their gate

So now when pressed by circumstance
     Entombed and troubled sore
When menacing 'No Exit' signs
     Appear on every door

Remember you are not alone
     Locked in by fear and doubt
The mighty Keeper of the Keys
     Is there to bring you out

Copyright©2007 by Duane W. Udd