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James Beard

About this Christian Poet:
I hail from Texas, and have been a science and math instructor for most of my life. Now I read, write, and ranch mostly. But I still have to write of this amazing Christ. I am compelled again and again in efforts to grasp this Emmanuel fact somehow.

Emmanuel... my favorite God word.

The Message of a Kiss

O the message of a kiss
Birthed from pain, or joyful bliss

And what was Mary's in the stable
As He lay in manger cradle?
Or that harlot from the street
When she wept and kissed his feet?
As he sat at Simon's table

Or in Judas' friendship greeting
Near Gethsemane's sleepy meeting

Thirty pieces buying Grace
For the entire human race
I had thought this grace a gift!
Yet, tis mine, through Judas' kiss

And O dear God what mine would give?

Copyright©2007 by James Beard