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Cheri Cook

About this Christian Poet:

the man of wood

a common man and chosen woman, tho weary, trod
to a small obscure village, birthplace of the son of God
everywhere they stopped they were turned away
until an innkeeper offered them a place to stay
a manger of wood full of hay for a bed
was the place this Christ-child first lay his head

          a story of new life and all that is good
          the baby, the birth, the wood

the young man of wood was a carpenter by trade
learning, building, perfecting the pieces he made
I wonder, when he built the brace of a table
did his thoughts drift back to that night in a stable?
did he bleed when a splinter of wood cut his skin?
was he aware how his life on this earth would end?

          a story of youth and perfect childhood
          the young man, the builder, the wood

such irony comes in a wood cross of death
like the manger bed where he took his first breath
tho the sacrifice was great, God's promise to man
used pieces of wood to fulfill His plan
and long ago on a bright starlit night
angels sang of a birth that brought mankind new life

          a story of life not easily understood
          the man, the gift, the wood

Copyright©2007 by Cheri Cook