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Mary Elizabeth Lauzon

About this Christian Poet:
Mary Elizabeth Lauzon is author of The Kisses of His Mouth (New Leaf Works 1998) and the poetry CD, Birthday of Life (Blue House Studios 1999). She is editor of the poetry anthology, Open Wide the Doors 2000, published by the Calgary Catholic School District.

Mary is a widely experienced teaching poet and poetry therapist. She has worked many years as a poet for the Servants Anonymous Society of Calgary, the National ArtsSmarts Foundation and the Calgary Arts Partners in Education Society. She is on the Artist Roster of the Glenbow Museum and the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts.

On the Birthday of Life

Show me an image
of the invisible God.
Show me the first born of all creatures.
Show me how to see
everything in Him,
heaven, earth, visible, invisible.
Show me how everything continues.
Show me the fullness residing in Him
and I will kneel at every crib scene I see.
I will kneel to every carved and molded
infant on straw, to every blue-gowned Madonna.
I will kneel by my bed every evening.
I will kneel to the radiant dawn.
I will kneel at every revelation of wisdom.
I will kneel every time I’m set free.
Show me on this birthday of life
newness, fullness, fulfillment,
and I will spend my life kneeling
to the invisible God.
I will spend my life free.

Copyright©1998 by Mary Elizabeth Lauzon