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Casey Smith

About this Christian Poet:
I live in Safety Harbor with my wife and our black lab, Lille. As a profession, I produce voiceovers and music for business applications (message-on-hold, auto-attendant, radio, web). I have always enjoyed writing poetry as well as other creative writing styles (including the occasional political parody). I wrote this poem simply to honor the King of Kings and Lord of Lords using the gift He has given me.

A Savior Was Born

'Twas the very first Christmas, when over the earth,
The angels rejoiced at the sweet Savior's birth,
The stars filled the night in a brilliant display,
Above their Creator asleep in the hay;

The wise men laid gifts by the trough filled with straw,
Then bowing before Him, they worshipped in awe,
Joseph held Mary in a loving embrace,
As teardrops of joy trickled down her sweet face;

The glow of God's eyes shone from heaven that night,
Adorning His Son with their Glorious Light;
And Jesus, so tiny, lay peacefully still,
How blessed the promises He would fulfill,

That babe in the manger, so helpless and small,
Would lay down His life as atonement for all,
Death would be crushed and the veil, at last, torn,
For unto the world, a Savior was born.

Copyright©2009 by Casey Smith