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Gary Dean Minshall

About this Christian Poet:
I was a horseshoer for almost 40 years. My poerty all started down in Texas while shoeing horses. Bored of the long nites and away from home, I started writing, I was in my late 40s before I wrote my first poem. I discovered that poems come from the mind or the heart or the soul. I'm semi-retired with a passion for photography. I love taking pictures of horses and little kids. I'm a cowboy at heart who loves the Lord.

The First Christmas

The preacher called the other nite
And ask me kindly if I would write
A Christmas poem to spread the cheer
As Christmas day is almost here

For several days I give some thought
For what it means the gifts we bought
And the Christmas trees all shining bright
And the songs we sing on Christmas nite

I thought of the Baby all wrapped and warm
At the stables there on Christmas mourn
And wise men ridin’ camels far
A trotin’ fast right toward that star

And the site they seen in Bethlehem
When they reached the spot with gifts in hand
Of frankincense and myrrh and such
To see this Child that means so much

And the Angel of the Lord come down
With a shinin’ lite and a joyful sound
And the shepherds in the fields below
They seen the lite and scared them so

And the Angel said don’t be afraid
For in a manger the Babe is laid
Then hollard out with all His might
That Christ was born this holy nite

And the Angels there they understood
That what God did was really good
Then sang ‘Em songs and give ‘Em praise
And thanked ‘Em for His lovin’ ways

Then I thought this poem was done
I realized it just begun
Just like our lives will never end
And peace on Earth goodwill toward men

Copyright©2009 by Gary Dean Minshall