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Kevin Randall Debes

About this Christian Poet:
Kevin Randall Debes is an unpublished poet who lives in Katy, Texas. On his spiritual journey, he has been a member of an Eastern Orthodox Church that his great grandparents helped to start when they came over to the US from Tripoli, Syria in the late 1800s. In his teens, he began attending a charismatic church and was completely born again. Since that time he is a member of Houston’s Second Baptist Church. Living in Katy, Texas, in the quiet outskirts outside of Houston, he has grown in his spiritual faith and longing to please Him. He is currently working on a book of poems collected during his lifetime for bedtime reading. It is his greatest joy to share what he knows is a heavenly gift. God is Love, and so this poem is for and about The Lord. May it bless you in the morning and may it lay down with you at evenings light. 

Silent Night

In a winter’s wood of a distant past sleigh bells are heard in the night,
as children are running and squealing with joy in forests of evergreen white.
A distant deer alone on a hill pauses to take in the peace,
she drinks in the stillness alive in the air on blankets of snowy fleece.
The candles are lit in the windows and barns as kinfolk gather to pray,
they sing the carols that they were taught from back in a younger day.
The great mansions of the south come alive with merriment of the season,
both young and old, rich or poor are welcomed without reason.
For this was a time of long ago when brother welcomed brother,
and never since was there a time so great with love for one another.
For the angels have spoken this Holy night proclaiming God’s love for man,
He knows each one of the hairs on our head and how we fit in His plan.
Oh Holy Sparrow Watcher, who gave us Your only son,
May your mercy ever flow in rivers forever run.
And on this Holy Christmas night, may we never forget your gift,
of how you gave your love to us to make our spirits lift.
And as we gather round the fires in distant Christmas Eve’s,
let us remember Him who came for those who still believes.
Yes, hark the heralds angels sing, Christ has come today,
may peace and love abide your home and help you find your way.

Copyright©2009 by Kevin Randall Debes