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Suzanne M. Bishop

About this Christian Poet:
I am a born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Since my salvation December 31, 1991, God has blessed me with the gift of poetry.  I have written many poems, but have never submitted any for publication anywhere.

The Christmas Tree

If I could be any tree,
The Christmas Tree would be for me.
I'd wear a star upon my head,
My long, green arms how wide I'd spread.
I'd wear a crown of silver and gold,
Beckoning travelers in from the cold.
My lights would be red, white and green,
Twinkling at night, calmly serene.
Beneath my boughs wrapped in silver and blue,
Would be wonderful gifts picked just for you.
But the greatest gift wouldn't be under the tree,
Wrapped up in paper so pretty to see.
He wouldn't be tied up in ribbons and bows,
He'd be found in a manger in swaddling clothes.
On Christmas Day let the bells ring,
Sweet baby Jesus is born King of Kings.
O, what a glorious night it was then,
And continues to be each Christmas, Amen.

Copyright©2008 by Suzanne M. Bishop