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Karen Winterburn

Karen Winterburn lives in Glenview, IL. with her husband. They have four grown sons and two beautiful granddaughters. Karen has written articles and contributed chapters to two books on evangelism and apologetics. She has been writing poetry for many years as a means of understanding and expressing a relationship with God.

O Antiphons*

Come, O Wisdom!
Origin, end and charioteer of our advancing,
closer come. Pierce the night benumbing us,
pioneer that inmost ray of holy fear in us:
prelude to your fair romancing.

Come, O Adonai!
Descend and occupy these ruins where Law,
once honey-sweet, impugns our hearts.
Builder of the House of Israel, indwell with power,
impart your grace to this your whole house hewn
from bricks of time and space.

Come, O Root and Servant-Flower of Jesse's Stem!
Come and startle kings again!
Scandal-strike them wonder-dumb
till in loyalty they confess You
Riddling Radix of their royalty, and bless
the wisdom of your foolishness.

O Key of David, Come!
Form and keeper of our freedom
and our safe passage to its full flower;
to all our flourishing, the single Key. Turn in the lock
of sin's sly power that keeps us under Pharaoh's spell.
Carry us off as plunder when You come to harrow Hell.

Come, O Radiant Dawn!
Brilliant broom of Truth, sweep away the dark
that dooms these gnarled hearts to half-sight,
that Justice may, with his bright arm
outreach the night, and into every dark and crooked way
bring Dayspring light.

Come, O King of Nations!
Healer of disparity; apprentice mastering Israel's grace,
your reign extends the River of Peace ad gentes,
and narrows heaven's gate to a Singularity.
Child born, Son given---shoulder us! Repatriate
all these dolorous hearts that exiled, mourn their orphaning.

Come, O Come Emmanuel!
Bouncing baby Boy: God-With-Us!
Come careful of our quisling kisses and suspicious hearts
to wed and rescue us. Gift us with your sturdier child-like trust
though tears, fatigue and sensate charms are all we can confer.
We give these for your growth in grace---and for our dowry, myrrh.

Copyright©2007 by Karen Winterburn

*An antiphon is a verse of a psalm or hymn which is sung or recited.