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Poetry Archives: Great Poetry by Christians

Archives A – I
Archives J – Q
Archives R – Z

Poets whose work appears in the archives have been published in the Utmost Poetry Gallery.

The archives contain additional works by these same poets—some not published in the Gallery—so we invite you to browse through the archives where pleasant surprises await you.

For information on publication and payment, please read our Poetry Guidelines.

Each of the poems in the archives is copyright by its author and may not be published or reused in any form whatsoever, including on the Internet, without specific written permission of the author.

Poets are listed alphabetically, by surname.

Archives R – Z

Glenda Joy Race

Preparing the Heart

Tamryn-Dael Rawlins

[ free ]

Sarah Rehfeldt

Leaving Penuel
The Third Day

Aimee Reid


Jendi Reiter

Lipstick Sestina
Called Out

Randy Rich

Before Easter

Stephanie Roberts


Frederica Roberson

Caught Up
Tasting of Trees

Matt Rust

Peach Preserves

Emily Sadlier

Creative fall

Elizabeth J. Savage

If I Were the Sky

Sandra Savage

The Voice That Held My Hand
Beating Comb, Pottery Brush and Paring Knife
Crucified, Risen, Still Wounded
Clergy Desertion

Debbie Sawczak

Shoemaker's Elf at the Wheel

Jenny Schwartz


L. B. Sedlacek

Occupying Space

Peter Michael Sherwood

The One

Michael Shorb

The Execution of Thomas More (1535)

Linda Siebenga

Into These Dry Bones

Tyler J. Simmons

Shades of Gray

Susan Sims

The Sexton

Nishi Singh


Anna Smalley

The Crossroads

Linda Chandler Smith

Abraham and Sarah

Bob Sonkowsky

Dream of the Rood

Lynne Bourgault Spear

Sparrow Plain

Wanda Waterman St. Louis

When It Is Time
The Horse in the Fog

Mary Rudbeck Stanko

Judas Tree
You Who Read This, I Remember You

Leah Stewart

After Abel
I have more of his paintings than Rockwell's
We'll each leave behind twelve basketfuls
The Other Daughter of Laban

B. E. Stock

Evening Prayer

Amber Albee Swenson

Evidence: Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Lynn Tait

Though Unworthy

Don Thackrey

The Relic in the Weeds

Rev. Penelope Ann Thoms

Market Day

Lochlanina Tobey

White Noise
Starting Sunday Morning
The Finality of Rain

Diane L. Tucker

This Usurping Beauty
3 a.m.
Yet the world knew him not

Duane W. Udd

New Leaf or New Life
The Shape of Things to Come

Kevin Umphfres

Wine and Roses

John A. Vanek MD

Monsters and Ghosts

Charles Van Gorkom

This Evening
Something Beautiful

Robert Walton

A Fountain in Jerusalem

Barbara J. Weekley

The Pines
Hard Blessings
One In a Hundred

Grace West


Gail White

Silver Dove

Hetty White

Tree Jazz

Karen Winterburn

Call Out of Exile
Many Mansions
Looking for the Lamb

Derek Witten

Longing and Stacked Lumber

Jan Wood
Poet Laureate

April Winter
In a Civilized Society an Adulteress Isn't Stoned
…finding the words…
…and Jesus was baptized
How Abram and I Moved From Ur
Faith and Doubt at Counterpoint
From Milk to Meat with Trepidation

Linda Yeatts

New Potatoes

Jennifer Zolper

A Letter to the Girl I Was
More Than One Golden Idol
Walking Out
If I Had Been Mary
Sonnet 1: Again You Search Me
Dry Faith