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Poetry Archives: Great Poetry by Christians

Archives A – I
Archives J – Q
Archives R – Z

Poets whose work appears in the archives have been published in the Utmost Poetry Gallery.

The archives contain additional works by these same poets—some not published in the Gallery—so we invite you to browse through the archives where pleasant surprises await you.

For information on publication and payment, please read our Poetry Guidelines.

Each of the poems in the archives is copyright by its author and may not be published or reused in any form whatsoever, including on the Internet, without specific written permission of the author.

Poets are listed alphabetically, by surname.

Archives A – I

Stephanie Adjemian


Emma Akuffo

Israel's Girl

C. B. Anderson


Tom Anderson

Settled at Last

Melissa Arnold

A Personal Psalm

Angela Atallah

The Relationship

Glenn B. Atkinson


Leticia Austria

A Pianist's Farewell Upon Entering the Cloister

Lesley Ayers


Charles Baker

The Conversion

James Beard

Love Walking Strange
Dead Word Walking
The Song of the Damned

Christina Beasley

On miracles

Cindy Beebe

Loving Her
Of Stars and Trees
By a Far Star's Account

Darlene Moore Berg

A Portable Existence
Earth, Dance!
Wind Chill
Sir Dad
Travel Mercies
Buon Natale

Alethea Black

Car Ride, 1979
Untitled, for Bill Silverman

Ric Booth

our turn
I So Loved the Wolf

Penny Borden

Father of His Own

Emily K. Bright

Log Cabin

Gary Brown

The Pesach Stone

Rhonda Brown

Choosing Points

Mary Veronica Brutosky

At Prayer

Shelly Bryant

In Eternity's Eye
Under Foot
Upon Further Reflection
Men of Renown

Lorraine Buck

Meet Me At the Cross
The Prayerful Sower

Claudia Burney

May It Be Done According to Your Will
Hush Song
Somehow We Become

Janet Butler

Mother Mild

Helen D. Cannon

Clouds Drift

F. G. Capitanio

Divine Voyeur

Rochelle Chapman

Her Assembly
The Sacré-Cœur
Stained Glass

Susanna Childress

We Take the Sky

Elizabeth Cole

Carve Your Name Into the Cross

Ned Condini

Saint Vincent Ferrer, New York
Hamlet in Ridge Park

Temple Cone

The Prodigal

Leslie J. Cook

The Jesus Bird

Mary Lou Cornish

Locusts of Misfortune
Spider-web Faith
If This World Hung From Some Other God's Arm
A Psalm
I Chased My Healing
Fierce Mercy

Delia Corrigan

Let's Talk About

Jim Cox


Kevin Craig

Together We Are Dove

Alexine Crawford

A Messy Business

Victor Cuellar

the apple cart

Megan E. Davis

Ukrainian Driving
I Look at Leaves

Vladimir DeLorenzo

Nights Like Tonight

Rick De Prisco

Turned to Snow

Gail J. Dickie

Thank You R. Carlos Nakai

John Dreyer

Candle Against the Dark
The Madonna's Blue Sky Morning
Sermon at the Fence

Seanse Lynch Ducken


Sharon Dunn

New Creature

Cathi-Lyn Dyck

Life After

Daphne Dykeman

A Winter's Night

Anne Eagles

November Evening Storm

Frank Eannarino

Missed the Boat

Alvin G. Ens

Let Your Light So Shine
The Loop
Find the Mind

Dan Erickson


Catherine R. Fiorello

My Bland God

Bonnie Flaman

I Wish I'd Known
all day i've been holding this picture
What happens after healing?

Christy J. Frost

Stroking Winter
The Problem

Judith Frost

Hearing You
House of God
Solstice Solace
A Home to Die In
Oh, Poet, where do you live?
Midnight Stanza

Jennifer Galey

Shrink the Dark
Museum of Miracles

Pam Gilman

The Evils of Junk
Spider on the Porch
House of Refuge

Vicki Goodfellow Duke

To Mary Magdalen, with thanks

M.L. Gordon

Desert Communion

Ellen Gray

John the Baptist
A Country of No Brides
A Garden Story

P. D. Gray

jet lag
cat's eyes
out of love
God Is

Lisa Greer


Michelle Griep

Autumn Dirge

Lucia Haase

A Child in the Garden
Upon the Mount

Paul Haddock

Flea-market Saturday

Linda Hamel

The Lichen
Self Portrait
The Discipline of Silence

Richard Handley

Read My Words

Nathan Harms

My Father's Hands
Taking It Home
Into Thin Air
To The One Who Prays For Me
Entrance Hymn

Patricia Harrington

Fallow Time

Dena Haselwander

Heaven's Olympics

Richard Hayes

After Office Evening
Easter Setting
Anniversary Poem from Westmoreland
A Shortcut to Happiness
A Song for Isaac

Ev Heffernan

Reunion Haiku
Bearing My Cross
Satiated Sorrow

Pat Hegnauer

Afternoon Angel
St. Michael's Bells
Mr. Domingo's Garden

Rachel E. Hicks

The Dawn is Sacred

Wanda Hilyer

Denying Demise

David Hopes

The Passion Play

Constance Howard

Never Alone

R. L. Hunsberger

Forsake Me Not When All My Strength is Gone

Jane Iandolo

The Old Burying Ground

Jim Ingram

Awakening in Tunica, Mississippi