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Father's Day Poetry Project

Poetry in this collection is not specifically about the Father's Day celebration, but is intended to include poems honoring fathers or poems specific to subjects of fatherhood. Poems about grandfathers are welcome, as is poetry relating specifically to God as our Father.

If you are submitting poetry for our Fathers Poetry Project, please acknowledge the following guidelines:

• You must own the rights to the poems you submit. Do not submit copyrighted material that is not legally yours.
• Poems should be on the subject of fathers. Poems about fathers' love or love for fathers are welcome.
• You will not receive payment for your poems, but they will be posted with full copyright notification and we will be pleased to provide a free link to your site (provided it is appropriate and/or poetry-related).
• Your poetry will remain available for reading at our site until you specifically request that it be removed.
• We reserve the right not to post your poems at our own discretion.

Submit "Fathers" Poetry Here

Read Father's Day Poetry Below

Most of the poems below are copyright and may not be used elsewhere without specific permission from their respective poets. Only specific poems labelled "Public Domain / Free Use" may be used freely.

How I Wish

Fathers Day Poetry

More Than That

Fathers Poem

My Father's Hands

Fathers Poetry

My Father's Voice in Prayer

Fathers Day Poetry Public Domain / Free Use

Our Fathers

Fathers Day Poetry Public Domain / Free Use

The Day Daddy Died

Fathers Poetry

The Little Boy

Fathers Poem

What's a Father?

Fathers Day Poem