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Contact Us

We want to hear from you, but…

We request the following:

If you are sending (by email) a poetry submission or any other item for possible publication, please find the appropriate page on our site and use the email contact provided. For example, Poetry Gallery submissions should originate from the submission link on our poetry guidelines page. If you do not follow this protocol, it's possible your email will be misidentified and will not be received or read.

If the subject line has been automatically filled in for you, do not change it. Our mail is sorted by subject line and if you change the subject line, your message may be lost.

If you are sending (by postal mail) a poetry submission or any other item for possible publication, be aware that if we accept your submission we will require an electronic version.

If you include a SASE with any postal mail sent to us, do not place US postage stamps on the return envelope. The USPS does not accept Canadian stamps, and Canada Post does not accept US stamps. Instead, put a dollar bill into the envelope, folded into a sheet of paper so it cannot be seen by handlers.

The founder and executive director of Utmost Christian Writers Foundation is Nathan Harms.

The corporate offices are at 121 Morin Maze, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA T6K1V1. (780) 265-4650

Please try emailing us first!
Email Utmost (nnharms@telusplanet.net)

We normally answer most correspondence on the same day it is received.

Although we can be reached by phone, every phone call we receive costs us money. We would rather use these funds to support Christian poets than pay phone bills.