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Prayer Requests

We will pray for you!

You are invited to send us prayer requests so they can be posted below. Your concerns will be prayed for by our entire community of Christian poets. Only your first name and last initial will be posted. If you wish your prayer request to be completely anonymous, please let us know. Recent requests are at the top of the list.

Don't forget to let us know about the answers to your prayers.

Click here to request prayer.

Please Pray!

Schennel Pray with me that my husband will find his way back to God and back home to his wife. December 8/10


Prayer needed for relationship with partner. November 13/10

Anonymous Please bring healing and release from my strongholds. October 28/10


Intervention to restore my marriage. September 14/10


Please pray that God will touch the heart of IET. May 10/10


Please pray for us, we need a miracle to get out of major financial debt. May 2/10


Please pray for me TMC and My love JMC We have been together for 2 and half years. We desperately need reconciliation. Apr. 19/10


I need a serious miracle from the Lord for the salvation of my husband. Apr. 15/10


We have a spiritual camp. To the camp come people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. I hope you praying that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. Apr. 12/10


Please, ask the Lord to move in miraculous power in this situation. Mar. 12/10


I am at the moment suffering from a great amount of lethargy in my life and therefore I am not doing well inÊmy workplace at the moment. I think I need god's grace to overcome this problem. So Kindly pray for me to get over my problem and do well at the workplace. Feb. 18/09


Please pray for our marriage that is deteriorating after a misunderstanding. Jan. 31/10

Kristen D.

Please pray for my husbands heart and mind to be softened and stop our divorce from happenning and restore our marriage. Please pray for a miracle because my next court date is March 9th, 2010. Jan. 27/10

litty john

I am pregnant, but after 8 month doctors tell me my baby has heart problems. Please pray. I am from India. Dec. 5/09

Answered Prayer!

I made a request for doing well academically in September and in October so I could attend a prestigious international conference. I realize that slowly God is working on me by answering my prayers. Thanks once again for your prayer and support. Nov. 9/09


Please pray for my ex husband, that God will bring him back. Nov. 4/09




Please pray to restore our marriage and stop divorce. Oct. .30/09


Please pay for me. I am struggling to continue standing in faith. I love the Lord with all my heart, but my life is falling apart. Business is failing, possible foreclosure, car repossession etc. I feel as if my past mistakes are not allowing me to move forward. I have a wonderful husband who is standing with me. Oct. .28/09


Please pray for Adam, who's barely recovering from the hospital. He's been infected with an unknown illness he picked up from Sumutra. Pray that fully gets healed.

Pleawse pray for Leslie. She's deaf. And her friends are worried about her. Oct. .9/09


Please pray that God reconciles and restores the marriage between Todd and Tammy. Sept. 30/09


Kindly pray for me that I should be able to do well academically in my office. At the moment I am lagging behind. I need strength from god for that. Sept. 17/09


Please pray for me. Husband and I need restoration. God Bless and Thank you! Sept. 16/09


Please pray for me. August 29/09


For Tony & Aida: please pray for good health, hedge of protection, strength, and more blessings in our family. August 26/09


Please pray that I am able to overcome emotional distress and have true friends and a loving relationship. I need prayer that financially life will get easier at home. Also, that I am offered a good print publishing contract soon for my novel. August 21/09


Please pray that God will help me to find and contact Charles and that Charles will forgive me and we can be friends. August 17/09


Please pray that God should FORGIVE me for ALL my sins and bless me to marry my love. August 3/09


Please pray for Sonia, a terminally-ill 50-year old provincial lawyer who is being persecuted by an abusive judge, Judge Bandal. July 29/09

John B.

General prayer requests. July 20/09

Norris L.

Please pray for the healing of my wife. Please for my home home based income project. Please pray for my son. July 19/09

Brenda B.

Please pray for my family. The economy is slowly unraveling everything in our life that has always been dear to us. July 4/09


We work in an organization which is helping the poor. Due to negligence of some staff members we are facing problems. It’s a very good group of people. Kindly pray that its problems are resolved and the review is in favor of the organization. May 31/09


Please pray for God's intervention. I am under tremendous financial strain. May 25/09


Pray for grandma, Mary W. Pray for uncle Mike, recently diagnosed with cancer. Please pray that he has a speedy and uncomplicated recovery. Pray that I passed CE exam that I took on May 9 and can continue with my career. May 23/09


Prayer for pastor's sister (Loretta) who is terminally ill with cancer. May 4/09


Prayer for personal relationship. May 4/09


Prayer for personal relationship. May 4/09


Please pray for me that I will forever be released from the vicious evil cycle of negative wave of energy that now engulfs me. Apr. 18/09


O.K., who is very near to my heart has been fighting a heroin addiction, and is in a Christ-based program getting help. He has been clean from heroin, but has smoked pot a couple times. The guilt and disgust with himself from these "slip ups" are being used by the enemy to make him want to give up, and fall back into addictive behavior. Please Pray GOD continues to work MIGHTILY in O.K.'s life! Apr. 9/09


Please pray for my health. I have lung tumors, heart valve problems and various other medical conditions. I am in pain and short of breath. Apr. 5/09


I pray for my office manager/supervisor. Lord, I feel like I’m being taken advantage of, but I don’t want to fight. Lord, help me to say and do the right things. Lord give me the confidence I need to work with her. Mar. 22/09


I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God's grace. Feb. 27/09


Pray for Craig Thomas, an 11-year-old cancer survivor who has upcoming scans on March 11th. Pray also for Lauren, Rex and Helen. Feb. 18/09

Tarannum Please pray for the restoration and healing of my marriage and our overall relationship. Feb. 3/09


Please pray for a renewal of my friendship with the man I gave my heart to. Jan. 31/09


We need prayer for our son Kyle and our daughter in law Aaryn, for their unborn child. Aaryn is almost 4 months pregnant and it was just discovered the baby has gastroschisis. The Lord's intervention is needed in many ways. Please pray. Jan. 30/09

R. C.

I pray that the lord above will soften my wife's heart. Jan. 19/09


Please pray for my marriage with my wife Ramona. Jan. 19/09

M. M.

Please pray for the health of my unborn child and me. Dec. 29/08


I am a single mother who has been experiencing debilitating health problems. I need a job very badly as well. My daughter and I also need an apartment for ourselves but I need employment first. We are living with my mother who is verbally/emotionally abusive. Dec. 26/08


Mom has non-alcolol cirhossis. Pray for healing. Dec. 18/08


Prayer for romantic relationship. Dec. 17/08


Prayer for family problems. Dec. 15/08


Prayer needed for marriage. Dec. 8/08


Pray for love relationship. Dec. 8/08

Susan My husband has Cirrhosis of the Liver. I ask that you pray for him and help him through this difficult time in his life. I beleive God heals if you trust and beleive. Nov. 24/08
Robin Please pray for my family. I have gotten us into serious financial debt. I feel horrible and hope that my husband might forgive me and that God might intervene on behalf of our finances. Oct. 29/08
Anonymous Lord, help us get out of our financial struggles. Help my children to be able to support themselves. Let us prosper in all areas of our lives. Oct. 25/08
Will Please petition Jesus for His financial assistance as I prepare for marriage. Ask that His Spirit guide me to a place where I'm generating a level of income (and wisely managing it) to provide for her. Oct. 19/08
Q. Hollis My prayer request is for God to bless me with a job. I've been out of work for almost a whole year and I would like for God to favor me. Oct. 11/08
Anonymous Please pray that my boyfriend of 10 years and I will mend our damaged relationship. Also pray that his mother will finally except me. Oct. 3/08
Alicia I'm asking for prayer for Owen, and the complete HEALING/FREEDOM from his heroin addiction. Oct. 3/08
Sumarie We are under great financial strain. My boyfriend and I have been nominated for performance bonusses at work. Please pray the memo to be signed for payouts for us will be approved and that we'll receive the money as we desperately need it. Sept. 3/08
Leann Please pray for our marriage to be restored into a happier marriage for many many years to come. Aug. 28/08
d d Please pray for my daughter. Pray for her mental and physical well being. Aug. 25/08
Enid Please pray for My Daughter and my grandchild and their situation, please give them peace and that the truth always reign. Aug. 7/08
LMK I am in a lot of debt and currently there’s a debt with lawyers.  Please pray that God intervenes for me. July 28/08
Vincent Prayer for my marriage and problems with my ex-wife. July 18/08
LS My son is having roommate issues. Please pray for resolution to all of this and for a new roommate for my son. July 15/08
Veronica Please pray for me and my boyfriend Glen. July 11/08
Jit Please pray for me and my wife. July 9/08
Rebecca Please pray for my ex-boyfriend. He is a Muslim. July 8/08
Debbie Pray for Debbie and Shawn's relationship. Jun. 21/08
Lisa Please pray for my son to be healed from speech and learning delay. It hurts me so much when he calls himself stupid. Also please pray that his skin will be healed. Jun. 17/08
Vincent I ask for peace for myself and my wife, Michelle, and the dismissal of horrid allegations. Jun. 15/08
Yvonne Please pray for me and my husband, Leo. Please pray that there be love, care, affection, understanding, trust, respect, sincerity, commitment and responsibility in our relationship between us always. Please pray for us that we be closer in our reconciliation and our love grows stronger each day to each other and our Lord always.  I pray that all wounds are healed and that our marriage is one that exemplifies the true love of God. Jun. 14/08
Krishna M. Please pray that I received the work permit as soon as possible. May. 4/08
MJM Please pray for my marriage. May 3/08
Jen P. Lord, Help My Son May. 2/08
Daniel S. I am a new Christian having been brought up an atheist. My faith is not always as strong as it might be. I am beginning to understand the sheer extent of God's love and his gift of grace, but I feel unworthy most of the time.Sometimes I feel it would be so easy to revert to atheism but I NEED GOD. Please help. Thank you. Apr. 23/08
Jess J. Please pray for me and my beloved. Please pray that let there be love, care, affection, understanding, trust, respect, sincerity, commitment and responsibility in our relationship between us always. Please pray for us that we be closer to each other and our Lord always. Apr. 14/08
Mary Taking care of 14 year old severely autistic boy is getting harder every day. He needs help with all chores. Needs to be watched all the time for safety reasons. God please give me the strength to take care of my son. Please heal my son. He cannot talk He has no communication. It's so difficult to think of sending him away to some home. Mar. 27/08
JM Lord, I lift a situation at work up to you. Things are not being handled right. Lord, I turn the situation over to you. Lord, be with everyone involved. Mar. 26/08
Anonymous My Grandma broke her hip this morning. May God embrace her, love her, help her! I am very upset and messed up over this! May she abide in God's blessings and may she and the medical personnel be blessed. May she make it through the operation boasting in the great things God has done! Mar. 18/08
Marco I ask God in the name of Jesus Christ to save my marriage with my wife Patty of 19 years and the reconciliation with my daughters Jessica, Alexandria, Shelby and Gianna. Mar. 7/08
Debrah I am a single parent with a 11 year old son, my prayer request is for a Godly husband that would love me and my son as Christ loves the Church. Mar. 7/08
Christie Please pray for me and my 2 boys—Alex and Zack—for our business to prosper so we can pay our bills. Emergency prayer for my ex-boyfriend of 5 years (Misael), for his salvation. He was raised Christian and has parted to drugs and partying. I had to break up with him in July of 2007 and since then I have grown to love God and see his Glory in my life. Mar. 3/08
Stephen S. Please Lord, Watch over and guide both myself and my wife as we go through the stages of separation and divorce. Provide us both with the pathway to self forgiveness and allow us to both go forth in our lives with the Lord Jesus Christ in our hearts and by our sides at all times. Feb. 21/08
Anonymous Please pray for me help me with my debts. Forgive me for all my sins. Help me with school and work im looking for a better paying jobs. renew my hearts and faith. Feb. 18/08
Meghan Please pray that God will heal what is left of my relationship with my ex-fiance, Adam. Please pray that God will lead him to forgive me, trust me, renew his love for me, and give him courage to give our relationship another chance. Finally, please pray that I can make choices that will foster a relationship between Adam and I. Jan. 27/08
Anonymous Please pray for my ex boyfriend of 4 years. He was raised christian and has parted. Please pray for his addictions and for the enemy to leave him alone. Please pray for my business. It is slow and that is how i support me and my two kids. Also Kyu is the grandma of my kids and she needs a kidney. Jan. 27/08
Anonymous from India My father is suffering from liver cirrohsis. His name is H.T. Raju. Please pray for my father. Jan. 23/08
mh Need prayer for help getting a driver's licence. Dec. 24/07
Natalie Pray for the restoration and healing of my marriage and overall relationship. Please restore the strong, deep, pure love and commitment we once had. Please pray for this miracle. Nov 19/07
Vincent I require powerful prayers regarding my daughter, my family, my financial situation and an upcoming trial. Nov 14/07
Anonymous Please pray for my financial situation. Nov 6/07
Anonymous Salvation and protection for Seth and his future wife. Deliverance for Mimi from all occult over her life, healing of every cell in her body through bone and marrow. Salvation for Jerry, see the truth of the gospel, open his eyes ears and release his speech. Oct 25/07
Mike Please pray that I may find my Peace and solice in my faith again.. As I am recently divorced and struggling in the lonliness it brings. Please pray for my ex-wife that she find peace in her new life….. Oct 24/07
Anonymous Please help me to continue to pray for my son, Geoff. I see positive things happening, although they are small. Praise God. I am going to P.U.S.H. (pray until something happens). Please help me pray for him. Oct 3/07
Anonymous Dear Almighty God Please hear my prayers. All things are possible with you my Father in Heaven. Please let my wife know that You are healing my quick temper, guide her to find Salvation in Jesus, guide us to forgive and forget and all concerned with the problems we had, restore our Marriage and protect us from all evils. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen. Sep 29/07
Anonymous Pray for my son to be able to support himself and for him to be successful in whatever he does. Sep 29/07
Anonymous Please pray for my daughter. Pray for her mental and physical well being. She is under a lot of stress. Pray for whomever her future spouse is meant to be. Pray for all her relationships -- that she has good friends and co-workers. Pray for her friends and co-workers also. Pray for wisdom, peace and grace in her life. Pray for her life to be filled with many blessings. Pray for angels to watch over her day and night to guide her and protect her. Sep 29/07
Anonymous I've reached one of the lowest points of my life and i am depressed again, soon to be jobless, and i am financially way over my head. I have lost my passion for life. I'm lost. I haven't become the artist i think i was supposed to be--I can't seem to connect with anything or anyone. Sep 22/07
Anonymous We ask for prayer for our finances. Lord, please show us the way, provide us the opportunities and give us the wisdom to continue on our journey out of debt. Sep 17/07
Ashlynn Pray that God would heal my relatioship with david. pray that he would have a change in heart for me and his family. pray that he would come talk to me or call me so we can work thing out together before we lose our apartment. Sep 17/07
kz Please pray for us. We are trying to pay our debts. Pray with and for us for financial freedom, opportunities, blessings and miracles. Sep 17/07
Anonymous Please pray for Joshua J. Williams B. and Margaret Motton B. for re-uninification with their real mother. Sep 4/07
Anoymous Please, Oh Lord, Please help us. Please provide the way and the means to pay our bills and meet our obligations. By The Power of The Blood of Jesus Christ I Pray and Believe that my debt is erased. Aug 30/07
Anonymous My daughter just had an car accident. Pray that she and everyone are okay. She is in another state by herself and has only been there for one week. Please keep her in your prayers to find a job that will work with her class schedule and for all the financial aspects of life in a new city. Aug 29/07
Anonymous My husband of 20 yrs told me he is not in love with me. I need prayer that God will restore my marriage and somehow put that love for me back into my husband. I also need prayer for myself that while I'm waiting I can get through this in peace. I have never felt such pain. I also need prayer for our finances. Our house is in foreclosure. Aug 25/07
Anonymous Pray for my son to be able to support himself and for him to be successful in whatever he does. Aug 24/07
Anonymous Please pray that our upcoming move goes well. Pray that we be blessed with the ways and means to pay off our excessive debt due to emergencies, medical issues, and other times of crisis. Please help pray and agree in prayer with us that we be given the opportunities, blessings and miracles to get out of debt. Please pray for us. Aug 18/07
Jenni Please pray for my son Geoff. Pray that he can learn to handle his finances and not be taken advantage of any more. Pray for wisdom for him. Pray that he continues to overcome his learning disabilities. Pray that he can really support himself now. Pray for wonderful opportunities to present themselves to him. Pray for angels to surround him 24/7 to protect him and guide him through life's perils. Aug 18/07
Burnis Please pray for me and Joyce to be reunited so we may be married and for my financial problems to be taken care of. Aug 10/07
Jessy I would like to submit a prayer request for my friend Terry. Please pray God brings to a point where he sees the emptiness of a sin filled life. We have been praying for him for four months and God has been working on him. July 17/07
Philomena I still love my husband and want to live happily with him like before. Please pray to God to forgive our sins and for our early reconciliation. Thanks a lot. June 24/07
Kim I am praying for restoration in my relationship with Jason. I am praying for protection over our children. There has been a recently divorced girl that has somehow come into the picture. I pray for her to please leave my husband and family alone so we can reconcile. June 23/07
G. Please join me in praying for the salvation of [name withheld]. She is an acquaintance for whom I have been praying for seven years. "perhaps God may give [her] repentance leading to a full knowledge of the truth" II Timothy 2:25b Thank you. June 9/07
Chris i need lots of prayers i have been through a lot so i am asking for your prayers....i wish i could actually have some1 to talk to but god will send me some1 June 5/07
Clare Dear Lord Jesus, please open up the doors of my life and give a job so that so that I can start getting a salary and please help my daughter, and give her an appetite so that she can start eating food for a strong healthy mind and body. Amen. June 2/07
Pastor Ron I am Pastor Ron from England. My grandaughter has mental health problems. I am having problems with trouble makers in my church. Please pray. June 2/07
Beth My husband has left me three times. I pray our marriage be restored, and that my husband aquire a burning desire for me, to love me , protect me, help me and just want me. June 2/07
Nirmala Please pray I find a wonderful husband - a man who loves the Lord and will deeply love and care for myself and my family members too. Please pray for wonderful, harmonious relationship. May 22/07
Cheryl Please pray for my complete walk with the Lord, my marriage and to rid life of depression. I divorced my husband 6 years ago due to abuse. I remarried him in April '06. I see some of my husband's abusive ways coming back. I need to love,and respect husband, and not become bitter again. I need to be completely in God's will. I need prayer support for this situation. I also need financial help. When I was divorced I over used credit cards to pay bills and food. I am falling back into depression. May 20/07
Anonymous I now have about a month before I am out of a job. Despite the numerous application letters I have sent out, I still haven't heard a favorable reply. I have had two regrets. The closer my deadline gets, the more anxious I get. In my country It is hard to find a job when one is no longer working. Please continue praying for me for a miracle in the coming month. God bless you. Apr. 30/07
Joseph L. Dear father, kindly pray for me, because I am suffering too-much troubles in my life
especially in my office and health problems. Also pray for my family. Apr. 13/07
Anonymous Please pray for me a single mom of two boys I am asking the Lord to please bless me with a husband. I have a mentally challenged son and its hard with him I also have a 6yr.old with a.d.d.. the world says no man would want to enter into a family like that, so I'm asking God to please send a man from him that wouldn't mind my situation. Thank you. Apr. 10/07


That my fiance & I would build our relationship on a Godly foundation. That God would bring a Godly resolution with the builders building our home. Have had to see a lawyer. That the moving of our belongings to storage would go smoothly & be done in a timely manner. Apr. 7/07


Our dear God in Heaven please hear our prayers. I am asking in my prayers not just for the restoration of my marriage but for the restoration of all marriages everywhere. All things are possible with you God. I believe if we all commit to this it will be done. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord Amen.


Please pray for my dad who is suffering with cirrhosis of the liver and Hepatitis C. Not to mention his emotional battle caused by his wife leaving him recently for another man. I pray for him everyday and all I can do is ask for prayers and put it into God's hands.

Please pray for me. I'm 20 years old. I just came back home recently. I've been away from my family for almost 5 years. I was living a wild lifestyle using and selling drugs on an everyday basis. I've decided to change my life and I've become much closer to God. Please pray that God will give me the strength to fight these temptations that I face everyday. Mar. 7/07


Marriage Restoration: My Father in Heaven please hear my prayers. I love you God and I love my wife. I have missed her so much since our separation and divorce now. I ask of you Lord to soften her heart and return her back home to me. Please Father grant what I ask and bless us with the Miracle of Marriage Reconciliation and protect us and our marriage till death do us part. Through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen. Feb. 28/07

Jacob S.

My friend Virginia (in Davie, FL) has been recently diagnosed with cancer that is rapidly spreading throughout her body. She is a wonderful servant in the Kingdom. She’s a retired Christian academy school teacher who is still remembered by former 4th grade students many years later.

I know of no one who loves Jesus more than she does. She unselfishly gives to those in need and is always of positive and cheerful mind. Her husband Ron and her children are also wonderful people and love her very much. They would be hard pressed in life without her.

I’m asking that you intercede for her, stand in the gap, and lift her up before the Throne of Grace. She believes in the healing power of the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She is a cancer survivor of several years before and gives God all the glory. She knows that she can be a survivor once again. Feb. 27/07


Please pray for my family. My wife has decided to divorce me after 18 years of marriage. I have emotional problems, and the fault is mine.

We are taking it slowly, getting our affairs in order before telling our families. Please pray that God will save our marriage, and we can bring love back to our lives in the time we have left. Her name is Rhonda. Our son is Austin. Feb. 25/07

Robert S.

1. My Dad suffers from Blood Pressure, and eye sight and torture from my brothers who are alcoholics, please pray for his good health.

2. My Mom was a strong God's Servant, but now suffers too much of torture from my brother who are alcoholics, and also pray for her good health as she suffers from rash, and often falls sick.

3. My Elder Brother has two sons who are studying in school, and his wife has left him and he now looks after his sons without a job, please pray for him to have a good job and also pray for his health he is been bitten by a dog and his legs are swollen, please pray for him.

4. My Sister's family is facing financial problems. Please also pray for her good health.

5. Another Brother is an alcoholic and troubles my parents. When he does not drink he is a nice person, please pray that he stops drinkng.

6. My third Brother is also an alcoholic and he is at a Rehabilitation center getting treated to recover. Please pray for his health as he also has to undergo an operation for his jaw bone. Please pray for his recovery and continue to pray that he should have a successful operation, and change in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

7. And last for me. I'm married, and have a six month old son, Chris, who will be baptised shortly in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, please pray for our good health and to grow in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Feb. 19/07

Anthony Healing of an illness that has affected my kidneys and bladder
Financial healing for debts
A well paying job
A new apartment for my daughter and grandchild
Free of the bondage that satan has over me and my family
True touch from GOD
Healing for Robin T of her MS
That Robin will turn away from buddah and new age and come to christ
That GOD will take what ever steps needed
to teach the father of my grandchild(Calvin)
his mistake in still doing drugs, the treatment of my daughter and his neglectful ways of being a father
And that GOD would provide me with the ability to pass my ged
My drivers license and car
Ability to help people
And a heart like GOD
To stop smoking
And to trust in GOD Feb. 13/07

James & Sheila

I and my fiancée have been separated now for about a year. Both of us work in Iraq but at two different places. I have been praying that we are assigned together but things keep happening that are keeping us apart. I am praying and ask everyone to pray that God will bring us together in a place where our relationship can grow strong enough so that we can get married. She has a wonderful little boy that lives in Georgia with a relative. We need to be together as a family and I am seeking your prayers that God will have mercy on us and touch our lives to bring us together. We both love each other and want the chance to understand each other. Please pray for us. Feb. 09 /07


Please pray for my dear friend who needs medicine but has no money, and also she needs milk and fish to make her bones strong. And also for her brother who is wanting to help the elderly learn how to read, especially to read the Bible. This is a very poor Christian family and all prayers are much appreciated.

Please pray for a Pastor who wishes to visit our church and Sunday School which he is in sistership with here in the USA. Jan. 30/07


Please prayer for my Godmother Norma who has a gift to write and is now writing. I want her to be published because I believe
that she will use her gift for the good of others. She loves the Lord and is a steadfast Christian who is truly spirit filled. Jan. 29/07


I ask that you join me in prayer for my husband Gilbert who is incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. He could be in there for the rest of his life and we have four young boys who need their father at home. Also pray over the court date of Feb 1 that the hearts of all on the case will be softened and also pray for the strength of my family as a whole because my children at this young age are enduring a lot as the police are harassing us and they have instilled a spirit of fear into them. Thank you and GOD BLESS. I ask all this in Jesus name, AMEN Jan. 28/07

Todd M.

Please Pray for my Mom Newell who has liver cancer and is very ill. Jan. 17/07

Katarina from Belgrade

-For God's protection of Nebojsa's and my love and future. Strengthening deepening of our relationship and further growth.
-That I have many friends and make and develop new friendships.
-That I see God's help in that area because many of my friends forget to nurture friendships and go out meeting with friends.
-For renewal of my old friendships.
-That God provide and feel up my time with things, activities, church—that I have new friends and go out.
-That Nebojsa likes my friends a lot and that they like him a lot and have good communicating with him.
-For my friend Marina; That God finally bring the right and perfect person, right man of God for her.
-For Michael K. coming to Belgrade and their communicating, love, deepening of friendship, devotion, marriage. That's very important! Jan. 17/07


I have written small poems for greeting cards but I haven't really done anything with them. Eventually I want it to be the next "Footprints". Pray for me.



Misty's mom

My prayer is that if God has called me to write, something I'm submitting will be accepted. Writing is quite an investment, and while fulfilling, can be lonely. I need validation.


…requests prayer that Utmost will become more visible so that new Christian poets will find their way here. People using search engines often need to look far down the list to find us. I believe God has the power to change this.