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• Nathan, this is a blessing as a resource support. I have been looking for such information.  May God bless you exceeding abundantly beyond what you imagine for your efforts to provide information for Christian writers. T.V.W./Location not known

• After reading "Boredom is Not Permitted," I began to look inside my work, hoping to find my titles and first lines intriguing and not a drag away from death! Hoping I have not brought someone to sheer boredom…causing as you suggest, and as all of us have experienced…"Next!" when reading poems that promptly turn a painful bore! Surely, who won't review the first four lines in every poem and rewrite after instruction like that? Encouraging, challenging and hopeful for readers to show forward their sharpest sword. Your piece was well organized and insightful a jump for beginners, a foundation for pros! E.C.C./Location not known

• I just stumbled over your site through the Google Directory and was very impressed by the poetry that you have collected and displayed. I have not read it all but what I did read is a breath of fresh air compared to other collections I have encountered. Thank you for making some of this fine poetry available. P.R./Location not known

• I have been looking at your site for a while now and think that you have done a great job! L.L./Nevada

• I think you're doing an excellent job with the website—such high quality submissions and articles...it's great! C.M./Alberta

• Your articles have been very helpful in helping me to try and become a better poet and create my own personal style of writing. F.H./Kentucky

• I am so amazed and impressed with the quality and calibre of this website and the writing it promotes! I have written Christian poetry for (dare I admit it?) fifty years, all this time I felt out of place, on the wrong planet, square peg in a round hole, etc., until now! On your site (God's site) I find others writing with my voice! Now I know it's God's voice, after all, and I can actually sense the Poetic Spirit that is present in Christian Poetry, which after all, is simply quality poetry at it's best. C.V.G./British Columbia

• I want to thank you personally for this site and opportunity. It is absolutely the site I have been looking for. I and so many others. J.B./Texas

• I am impressed with the quality of the poems on your site. Too many "Christian" poetry sites, unfortunately, are not up to your high standards. Perhaps, one of my poems will one day be. As it is, I cannot give up writing and will keep on plugging on. D.M.B./Missouri

• Well done and the greatest web site for viewing. J.F./Pakistan

• Through your site, you have removed the stumbling block and cleared the path for people like me, and I really appreciate it. B.J.W./Ohio

Thanks for the giving the Christian community an opportunity to express themselves for Jesus Christ Our Lord and their beliefs. God Bless and I will be visiting your site again. B.W./West Virginia

• This is a wonderful list of markets for Christian poetry, and I am sending my students to visit it. Janet

• I thoroughly enjoy your site, and am impressed by the quality of the poetry posted there. S.P./California

• I like your site very much. Y.M.L/Texas

• You are a credit to your profession, and to your calling. C.B./British Columbia

• Thank you for the encouragement to write on for Him it really helped me a lot to read and regain focus. F.R./Texas

I read your article about cliches. . .I thought that it was excellent. J.L./Ontario

• …your (market) list has been extremely helpful for me… Having a consolidated list with live links is great for prospecting and info-gathering! D.F./Washington

• I read your article and found it to be helpful. It put into words what I think that most of us know or feel when writing our own poetry or reading other's. There is not much free and good poetry help on-line, so it is especially nice to come across well written and informative articles. Thank you. Anon.

• I feel blessed I found my way to this site. A.B./New York

• Wonderful article. I've heard / read all this stuff before but you have served it up in a 'kicked up a notch - BAM!' way (Emeril Lagasse's cooking show expression. . .I'm sure you know it). V.N./British Columbia

• I just visited your site. Good job! I especially appreciated the critique you posted. M.B./Pennsylvania

• A useful resource ...thank you. S.P./Alberta

• I read your article, and it was extremely helpful. . .thanks for all the great advice. J.Z./California

• Great article. I thoroughly enjoyed it and gleaned some good bits of wisdom. It's good to know that other Christians are beginning to have a taste for true talent instead of compromising their artistic potential with rhyming cliches. M.W./New York

• I just explored your website and found it a wonderful place to visit (I read your article on boredom in poetry too!). Thanks for the extra mile efforts. And you even pay for poems! Mucho thanks. C.B./Ohio

•I greatly appreciate your indepth response. I appreciate your honesty and time greatly! I do love reading what you have posted! L.M./Missouri

• Your articles on the web about writing poetry are great. J.G./Montana

• Thank you for your support of poets and for the great website. S.D./Montana

• I hope you like my work. But whether you do or do not, know that I like your site very, very much. T.C./Georgia