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Utmost Podcasts

We're experimenting with podcasts at Utmost Christian Writers, and it's likely that our podcasts will be infrequent. We do find them useful, however, because sometimes a message can be communicated more easily by the spoken word than by typing a long article.

Our podcasts can be listened to on your computer, or downloaded to a portable listening device.

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 Our first Podcast

Introducing our podcast, details of the poetry contest and a poetry tip

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 Podcast #2

Nathan goes into great detail about the rules of the poetry contest, and offers Utmost Poetry Tip #2

You may listen on-line right now, or…

You may download the files to your computer for listening, or…

You you may go to the Apple site and download iTunes (free for Macintosh or Windows) which will allow you to search the podcasts for "Utmost Christian Writers," and subscribe so that podcastss are added to your MP3 player automatically.

Podcasting is new to Utmost Christian Writers. Please let us know what you think.