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Don't Starve Your Spirit
Copyright 2002 by Nathan Harms

If a person is aimless or unsettled—if he feels his life lacks purpose and contentment is scarce—his spirit has most likely been neglected. No malady is more likely to pitch a man into melancholy, day after day, than a starved spirit. When the spirit has been neglected the entire body and mind suffer in every way.

What is a starved spirit? It's a spirit that has not been given the freedom to exercise its God-given creativity. Poetry, art, music, sculpture, dance, dramatic arts and a dozen other pursuits spur the creative impluse that has been breathed into every human by the divine Creator. The exercise of this creative impulse delivers vibrant life and purpose.

I recently visited with a young man who had once been intensely involved in stage performances. Because of his perceived need to establish a proper vocation and earn a living, the fellow had put aside his performances and begun working in a trade. When I asked him what particular venture would next bring him to the stage, his father interjected, "There will be time for that stuff after he's established a livelihood."

It's no wonder this young man lives his life in spiritual destitution. The creativity that ought to fuel every thing in his life has been stifled. I suspect that he will continue to wander from job to job—as he has—unable to find work that satisfies him. The people closest to him barely recognize him anymore.

Don't starve your spirit. Learn what creative gift God has given you. Love it and care for it. It's as important as the food you eat every day.

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