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I have almost 40 years of continuous experience serving the painting and decorating needs of discerning homeowners. As sole proprietor of Reliable Painters I have earned the trust of my customers.

If you are interested in a custom paint job that exemplifies the highest standards of workmanship and service—at competitive prices—call me for a free estimate.

Nathan Harms

Expert Workmanship / Personal Attention
(780) 265-4650
Edmonton (& area), Alberta, Canada

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Nathan (Nate) Harms

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The Myth of House Painters

Picture the whimsical old-world house painter in a Norman Rockwell painting. This figure is mythical. Most painters prefer not to deal with people. Your prized home is "just another job." And they really are not expecting to paint for you again in the future!

Hiring Reliable Painters for your decorating project is an experience of professionalism and pride in workmanship. Your wishes are heard and respected. I fully expect to be "your painter" for years to come.

The Survey Says
  A recent survey in Alberta revealed 30% of painting contractors cease operations each year and are replaced by new contractors. Reliable, experienced painting contractors are hard to find! Only a handful of painters boast more than 35 continuous years in the home decorating trade. Reliable Painters is one of them!

Slap, Dash and Cash?

  It's unfortunate, but true, that most painters' primary objective is to get your job done as quickly as possible . . . and go to the next job. In this rush it's not surprising that your needs and desires are ignored. In fact, many painters leave a mess. Carpets or furniture are damaged. Inferior materials are secretly substituted for products you specified. In the end, you feel you could have done the job better yourself.

Taking Time to Care


Integrity may seem like a word of the past, but it's the heart and soul of Reliable Painters. Your satisfaction is always my first concern, and I'll go to great lengths to meet your expectations. I will suggest materials to give you a durable coating with the color and finish you desire. I will never substitute cheaper, "contractor paints," for top-of the-line brand name materials. You'll notice that my paint brushes, rollers and other equipment are of good quality and well maintained. During work, your furniture is carefully covered and an effort is made to collect the dust and debris that comes from surface preparation. My 35+ years in the painting and decorating business is evident in each expert brushstroke!

When the job is done, you can expect to be asked if you're satisfied with the finished product, and to have any concerns quickly and professionally addressed.

A Matter of Pride

I work personally on each project, from start to finish, rarely employing other workers.



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