Hire Nathan as a Painting Tutor—
      Save Thousands of Dollars!

Why spend money on a tutor?

Hiring Nathan as a tutor is a great investment, and can save you thousands of dollars. Here are just a few reasons why:

• You'll buy your paint and equipment—as much as you choose*—at professional painter's discount prices. This alone can be worth the entire price of a tutoring session!

• Nathan will guide you in the selection of expert tools, paint and equipment. If you've tried to paint previously, using crappy rollers and brushes from Walmart, you'll understand how important tools can be. It's almost impossible to paint professionally using poor quality paint and equipment; at the end of your session you'll be equipped to paint like a pro.

• Nathan is an excellent instructor, patient and easy to understand.

• You'll work side-by-side with a painter of almost 40 years experience, while he demonstrates—and helps you understand—how to achieve professional painting results. This is a "hands on" experience, where you'll use the tools of a painting professional under Nathan's expert guidance. See how much time and money you save when you do things the professional way.

• Nathan will show you the correct preparation steps for painting, saving you time and money. You'll learn the proper use of patching compounds, masking tape, brushes and rollers. You'll learn the correct order in which tasks should be done to save time and money.

• You'll be able to phone Nathan during the remainder of your project to ask his expert advice on any painting problems you encounter**.

How long is a tutoring session?

My minimum session is 4 hours, but you should consider an 8 hour session. It takes an hour or more to select tools and buy paint. You'll want plenty of time for practical work… plus the longer you're able to spend with Nathan on your project, the more work you'll get done!

What's the first step?

Call Nathan to arrange a visit to your home. He'll discuss the job with you, explain the procedure and give you an estimate on how much your project will cost—and if you want, he'll tell you how much you'll save by doing the job yourself!

What does this cost?

Call Nathan to discuss your job and book a tutoring session. Prices are quoted in 4 hour segments. (780) 265-4650

* To qualify for discount prices, tools and paint must be purchased while accompanied by Nathan. Discounted purchases are limited to the day of the tutoring session only, but you can buy enough supplies for your entire project if you choose!

** 30 day limit