How I choose the brands of paint for your home.

Learning which paints will provide customers with the best quality and value has been a 35 year long, continual process for Reliable Painters. Paint manufacturers constantly change and adjust their products. They frequently discontinue paints and introduce new ones. A good contractor learns about products by questioning paint suppliers—and by using various products over long periods of time.

The paints I use most often on my projects are manufactured by Benjamin Moore. Over the years I've found a standard of consistency and quality that gives me confidence in using Benjamin Moore and recommending it to customers.

I've found that certain products from General Paint are occasionally preferable, and in those cases I recommend General Paint.

Why I don't buy paint from other manufacturers.

I confine my paint purchases as much as possible to Benjamin Moore because buying consistently from the same supplier assures me of better knowledge of products' characteristics. There are a number of high quality paint suppliers in Canada. If you buy the top line of paints produced by any reputable paint manufacturer, you are likely to find the performance satisfactory.

Be aware that most paint manufacturers have more than one "line" of paint. For example, Benjamin Moore has at least 6 lines of paint (at the time I am writing this in 2010.) Each line has a different price and different qualities. A good painter will be able to explain this. A bad painter will lie to you and say, "Benjamin Moore's 'MooreStyle' paint is just as good as their 'Aura' paint... they just label it differently for painters." (Yes, I've actually heard a contractor say this!)

What happens if you want a different brand of paint used in your home.

Occasionally clients request a particular brand of paint I don't normally use. Although the choice of different brands may affect my final contract price, I am happy to comply with any client's paint preferences.

How I recommend particular finishes for your home.

Contractor experience may be the most important factor in choosing finishes. Over the years I've seen which finishes are more or less durable, and which have higher or lower sheen. When I discuss your project with you I will often ask questions about the way in which you live in your home. Are there high traffic areas? Do you have children or pets that tend to mark up the surfaces? Do you wash painted surfaces frequently? How do you feel about paints with higher sheen? Do you prefer matte finishes?

I consider your answers to these questions—and others—and make recommendations that provide the best "paint solutions" to your personal lifestyle. This is one of the reasons you need to hire a contractor with a good reputation and long experience, a contractor like Reliable Painters.

Benjamin Moore

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