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As president of New Leaf Works I consult with writers who wish to see their work published in book form. Services include editing, graphic design, page layout, provision of ISBN and CIP data, marketing advice, and negotiation with printers. My books are expertly designed and produced, competing in quality with books on the shelves of your favorite bookstore. To discuss your upcoming publishing project, call 780-461-0221 and ask for Nathan. Email: nathan@snowfaux.com new leaf works graphic

Some of the titles I have published are:

I Know You, Lord (Barbara Mitchell/1994)
Tableland (Sophie Stark/1994)
Waiting For the Play to Begin (Linda Siebenga/1997)
The Kisses of His Mouth (Mary Elizabeth Lauzon/1998)
What's to Be Done With a Pumpkin? (Linda Wegner/1998)
Sword of the Heart (Jim Watson/1999)
Beckoning Horizons (Henry Enns/1999)
Midnight in the Garden (Nathan Harms/2000)
Journey to Love (Carol Allison Fulmore/2000)
Journey Into Joy (Carol Stewart/2001)

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Carol Stewart's

Journey Into Joy
ISBN 0-9682443-9-4

The story of childhood trauma, adult depression and recovery. It recounts one person's lifelong journey from despair and defeat to peace and victory.

Henry Ens'

Beckoning Horizons
ISBN 0-9682443-5-1

A prairie school teacher, his single-engined plane and 150,000 square kilometers of rugged outback add up to high adventure.


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