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More Than You Need to Know
About Nathan Harms

I was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, but spent my childhood and adolescent years in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, famous for its temperate climate and abundant fruit orchards and vineyards.

My gradeschool years were spent in Trout Creek, a small orchard community between Summerland and Penticton. Due to the encouragement of a Grade 6 teacher, Ray McNabb, I became interested in writing and began a lifelong involvement in poetry, publishing and writing of all kinds. My high school years were spent in Penticton. In my graduating year I won the school's creative writing award for my collection of poems, "Pictures of Silver."

While training as a skilled tradesman, I became a Special Constable with the R.C.M.P in Penticton and completed about one year of service with the R.C.M.P. I moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 1977 and began an independent business as a contractor under the name, Reliable Painters.

With my my first home computer (an early Apple model), I taught myself desktop publishing, published a church newsletter and wrote poetry and articles for my own pleasure.


At an InScribe Christian Writers' Fellowship (ICWF) workshop in 1985 I learned for the first time that I could sell my writing and see it published in books and magazines.

Since then I have been fortunate to see my stories, articles and poetry published more than 60 times in a wide variety of formats. Short stories have been broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Columns and features have been published by the Edmonton Journal. Other writing falls into the genres of fiction for young adults and family life. My poetry has won a number of awards.

In 1994, I began editing the InScribe newsletter, FellowScript. With me as Editor, it grew from a stapled sheaf of ten pages with a circulation of 70, to a magazine-style publication of 24-36 pages with a circulation over 200. I resigned as Editor of FellowScript in September 2000. Some of my other (and continuing) interests through the years have been golf, chess, squash and motorcycling.

I am married to Kristin St. Cyr—an artist—and we make our home together in an eclectic condominium some have called "The Museum," due to its style of decoration.  



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