Privacy Policy (PIPA)

Privacy Policy (PIPA)


Utmost Christian Writers Foundation is in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act, S.A. 2003, c. P-6.5 of the Province of Alberta.

How and When Utmost Collects Personal Information

In the process of its day-to-day operations Utmost collects personal information in the form of names, email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers and biographical information. This information is always provided voluntarily and is collected via poetry contest entry forms, email correspondence, phone calls and other contacts. (Information that is publicly available to any person seeking it—such as information on other public web sites, public directories, etc—is not considered "personal information.")

How We Use Personal Information

Utmost uses personal information in the following ways:
     • to contact correspondents who have phoned Utmost
       or have sent letter mail or email to Utmost.
     • to identify the winners of Utmost contests by name and
       location (not street addresses, email addressees or
       phone numbers).
     • to post publicly the brief biographies of persons who
       have agreed to provide biographies for publication.

How Utmost Protects Personal Information

Utmost will never knowingly disclose personal information to any third party, except when directed to do so by law enforcement authorities with legal authorization. Personal information is kept securely at the corporate head offices of Utmost, and is not available to any persons other than Officers of Utmost Christian Writers Foundation. Only those Officers with the need to have information in order to perform their legal duties are permitted to access personal information.

The Privacy Officer for the purposes of this Act is Nathan Harms, Executive Director. Concerns about privacy or compliance to the Act should be directed in writing to:

       Nathan Harms, Executive Director
       Utmost Christian Writers Foundation
       121 Morin Maze
       Edmonton, AB
       Canada T6K 1V1

Concerns will be addressed confidentially and as promptly as possible. Concerns not communicated in writing will not be addressed.